3 comments on “Episode #1 – 1/28/14 (Stardate 67543.1)

  1. Janeway evolved, yes, but in the end, she went a little crazy. I think they had her do a number of things that — in the overall scheme of things, was trying to open up debate on the human condition — but really went against her own core believes. One could easily argue that it was showing how being in that type of situation can change a person, but HER character, in HER role, with HER core beliefs — I think they really missed the mark. She wasn’t merely flawed, she was out and out splintered.

  2. I think you could draw some parallels of your “splintered” thoughts to Captain Archer. He became so obsessed with “The Mission” that he put his own beliefs and morality on the back-burner.

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